Parcel Merger / Lot Consolidation

A Parcel Merger or Lot Consolidation is the merging of existing parcels into fewer parcels through the elimination or modification of shared property lines.The purpose of a lot merger is to merge two or more contiguous parcels or units of land under common ownership into one parcel.


Building purposes: Occasionally an individual desires to build a structure across a lot line which separates two or more lots from one another. Because most zoning districts require a building setback from the property line, it becomes necessary whenever development on one lot is dependent upon the other lot for a septic system, required parking, a garage, etc.

Tax purposes: The combining of parcels through the Assessor’s Office is for the convenience of the property owner who only wants one tax bill. The Parcel Merger process will give the property a new legal description on file with the Office of the County Recorder, and will result in the properties being one legal lot of record.


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